Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oasis in the Desert

After finishing a 1 week intensive crash course in assistive technology for people with visual impairments (which I survived...thanks for caring), my cousin Jordie and his family came to visit! They live in Glendale, Arizona where the temperature...and gas prices...are higher than they are here in Tucson. So this was a nice break from the weather and the economy for them. We always like to take our guests to Mt. Lemmon. Emma would have rather gone to the zoo...but she seemed to enjoy the squirrel she fed at our picnic table. What she may not have enjoyed so much was the rather unexpected dunk she took in the stream. Here are some pics of our family fun. Aren't we fortunate to have family...

Here's my cousin and his cute little family.
Victoria cools her tootsies... Reed and I try to be familyish!
At one point, Jayden decided that modesty was no longer important. If you look real hard, you can spot both his diaper and pants in the background...cuz who needs those anyway!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

FRAUD...She Wrote!

Well...just when you think you have beaten the system and "this will never happen to me" become a victim of FRAUD. Reed and I are trying to finalize everything for our big excursion to the West Indies next month. It is hard to communicate via phone with someone in another part of the world (not that far) but you get the idea. So...we have been doing everything over the internet. By golly, if someone did not hack into the system, or the person we were actually corresponding with, and take a very expensive monetary trip to not 1 but 3 different businesses to spend our hard earned greenbacks!!! I tell ya...what is the world coming to? I just hope we can enjoy ourselves now on an island where thieves may be lurking around every corner licking their chops waiting to sink their fangs into our moolah once again! Think positive Jen...

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello family and friends,
Just an update on me and my latest goings-on...
This was my very first fishing trip in Showlow, Arizona. I went to visit my hubby Reed (an up and coming engineer looking for underground water for a housing development)...and my beautiful grandma Anita (resides in Snowflake). We met up with my in-laws and had a grand ol' time frolicking in the woods...I LOVE the woods! I have taken the liberty of putting together a lovely picture scrapbook of all the fun we had. The pics speak for themselves...but I added captions anyway cuz' they're fun. Enjoy...

Reed wastes no time. He's already baiting his hook without a prob.

Casting already. If he can do it...I can. Right?

My beautiful nieces Stephanie and Emyle have the right idea.

My turn! I needed some assistance. Thanks Nick!
We're using actual worms...GROSS!
Let's try this again...

SUCCESS! Let the fishing begin.

Uhhh...other way Emyle.

Holy Toledo...I caught a fish!

Such a proud Fisherwoman. Look at the size of that Tubby! Okay...he was big to me.

Me and Fishy pose together for the first (and last) time.

Who loves her Fishy?!

Reed tries to fake a smile. He's just jealous. Buck-up Hun!

Little did poor Fishy know...

In case the last picture was not enough of a close-up...

What a trooper I am. A true Amazon woman!

Order's up! This pic makes me feel kinda devious. Fishy's family is gonna wonder why he doesn't write.

Yum-Yum! A little lemon pepper helps the medicine go down.

So full...and pooped. What a night! I even kept the skeleton...I needed proof...cuz' no one's gonna believe a word of this. Got shellac anyone?

Thanks to my awesome family: Laine, Steve, Nick, Stephanie, Emyle, Reed, and Royce too (he lent his home and supplies for our fishin' pleasure) for helpin' make my very first and quite successful fishin' trip a great one. I had an awesome time!