Sunday, August 24, 2008

Window to the Past

I've been tagged again by my friend Gretchen. Yes! This tag requires me to reflect on my highschool years...the best in my life if you ask me. I loved highschool. So, here we go...
1. Did you date someone from your school? A Junior in my seminary class liked me when I was a Freshman. It ends there. I was not popular with the guys. Probably because I prided myself on being rude and obnoxious. That, and I had no clue about the ways of flirting/dating.
2. What kind of car did you drive? My mom finally gave me her white Mercury Tracer when she bought a newer car of her own. This was my Junior year. Oh the freedom one gains when she scores her own vehicle.
3. Were you a party animal? To quote a friend of mine, "I am pretty straight laced." She then continued, "but not dead." Well, I was. The party scene frightened me.
4. Were you considered a flirt? Refer to item #1.
5. Were you in band, orchestra or choir? None of the above. I was heavily involved in drama and speech though. My highschool won several state competitions in a row...5 I think. I was a strong contributor in our wins.
6. Were you a nerd? I hesistate to answer. I don't think so. Let's review: I didn't raise my hand to answer every question; I didn't wear any glasses; I don't recall being on the chess club or associated with any who were. Looks like it's a resounding NO. Phew!!!
7. Were you on any varsity teams? What does varsity mean? Team? I'm confused. :)
8. Did you ever get suspended or expelled? No, but I was slated to attend detention once because my friend Kelly made Erika and I late for Chemistry. She fessed up real quick though and proudly offered to take detentions in our place. Way to go Kelly! You're a model friend.
9. Can you still sing the fight song? I haven't been good lately with thinking on the spot. I can't even think of the first few words. Lame! I remember our mascot. Does that count?
10. What was your school's full name? All that I can remember is Cortez High School. I don't think it had a full name.
11. School mascot? Colts. The Cortez Colts. We were a force to be reckoned with. Rar! I mean...Neigh!
12. Did you go to Homecoming, and who with? I would just refer you to item #1 again, but I did in fact go to one dance with a guy. Reed just said "I never went to Homecoming." I just laughed out loud. But now that I think about it, neither did I. I was thinking of Senior Prom. I went with James Taylor. He didn't see fire and he didn't see rain, but he probably hoped that that sunny day would end...quickly. He was a Junior, and I asked him. I rock! I should have just stuck with a reference to item #1.
13. If you could go back and do it again, would you? I would love to go back, but I wouldn't change a thing. My highschool years were some of the best in my life. I had great friends. I loved my teachers. I was involved in all the clubs there were. Well...the non-nerdy ones. I can't wait for my 10 year reunion! Wait, that sounds kind of nerdy.
14. What do you remember most about graduation? "Don't trip." "Don't trip." "Don't trip."
15. Where did you go Senior Skip day? I may not have been a nerd, but I wasn't stupid. Everyone that got caught was suspended. I ALWAYS get caught!
16. Were you in any clubs? Drama, Speech, National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, National Thespian Society, Just One, SADD. I think that's it.
17. Have you gained some weight since then? The opposite, actually. When I got married, I lost a lot of weight. Most everyone at work thought I was sick or something. Shame on all of you. I was pretty skinny though. I have filled out a bit more. :) Let's hope it stops there.
18. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Absolutely. I can't wait to walk in without a trail of kids behind me or a bun in the oven. I expect to hear huge gasps. I was supposed to be the one who opened her wallet and 10 pictures unfolded in the plastic accordian of each of my Jenlets.
That was fun. Thanks Gretch! Now I tag Bethany, Lark and Camille. Enjoy your blast from the past.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Knock Knock. Where's Jen?

Not much to say, but needed to write something. I haven't entered a blog in about a month...not cool! Since our amazing trip though, not much has occurred exciting enough to grace our blog. Ugh. All that's been happening is work and school prep. I just finished teaching my 3rd week of school. They were filled with laughter, tears (not by me), and way too much energy. I love my new class. I have only one new student and she is so cute. She loves to explore her environment and is so curious about everything. Not to mention, I have the cutest class at ASDB...everyone thinks so! They take after me. These first few weeks were rocky at times, but I think we are beginning to find our groove now. It usually takes about a month.
I start school this Wednesday: Braille and a web delivered course about behavior management. Like I need that! I've never taken a web delivered course before. It's never good to leave me on my lonesome with only a few words of wisdom and direction. Anything could happen!
Other than that, I've just been enjoying my new class, trying to catch up on reading, and house hunting. That's right...Reed has finally let us dive into the adult world. For those of you who know us well...this could take about 9 months to a year, so don't freak out. We will be graduated, Reed will have a great engineering job with a bigger company, and we'll be ready for the move in time. No worries! Soul possession of a washer/ I come!