Sunday, June 28, 2009

Knock Knock...It's Kirby.

The other day, there came a knock on the door. Crap!...a visitor and I'm in my PJ's. So I creep up to the peep hole (so she doesn't suspect my presence) and there is a nice looking girl with a clip board. Should I answer it?...I thought to myself. I can just smile and nod and then nicely decline whatever she was selling. WRONG! Always creep back away from the door quietly and pretend you're not home. Think Jen!!! Anyway, I actually open the door (no thanks to the involuntary muscle reactions of my upper extremities) and listen to her schpeal. She was selling a vacuum and proceeded to explain its glory and wonder with a bonus deep-cleaning of the fabric in the house of my choice. All I basically heard was that I will get a piece of my house cleaned for free. When she's done with her lecture, smiling like she'd like a response, I say "Sure". STUPID! What follows would take me through a 2 and 1/2 hour adventure (which I'm sure you don't care to indulge in) of how this vacuum works...who said anything about a vacuum...and why I should buy it. So basically my morning (and afternoon) consisted of needlessly starving myself for three hours just to get my couch cleaned. By the way, this vacuum (Kirby is his name) costs more than the down payment on our car. I made sure I mentioned that in lou of today's economic crisis before passing out after viewing the price tag. This vacuum is amazing though. Dang it! It not only vacuums...oh is a leaf blower, car detailer, deep-cleaner/shampooer, sweeper, tile cleaner and many other things in one. "Hot Dawg!" you say? Well you can have one for the reasonable price of 2500 dollars. Not so hot anymore right? That's what I thought. The owner guy was totally willing to bargain with me though. However, he was just not going for the 60 dollar price tag hanging above my puppy-eyed head. Guess I should have slipped into something more sexy than my pajamas that morning. To make him feel more successful and less like he had just wasted a good majority of his day, I promised some customers to him. So...anyone who wants this delicious deal...just let me know. I'll send them knocking on your door. Enjoy the hours of fun!

All joking aside, it is a tremendous vacuum, and he is willing to make a deal. Payment plans are offered too. Anyone, anyone?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Guess I'd better

I haven't blogged in awhile...well cuz' there's nothing to say really. Just thought I should since it's been 2 months. The new house is doing well. We are painting it this summer finally. I hate white walls especially when there's not much decoration on them, and color would just be much more homey and welcoming.
School is done for the year. I am taking an online class this summer and one more in the fall...and then I'll finally be done!!! Wait...what's that in the distance? I think it's a finish line. Oh wait...something is blocking it. Oh yeah my comps. Ugh! Ah well...the inevitable strikes again. Guess I'll have to wait till December graduation to get too excited.
In other news, we hope to be traveling across the country later this summer if all goes well with our finances. Tuition has rapidly depleted our savings account. Cripes! Anyway, more posts to come, hopefully of our painting genious and our lovely trip. Stay tuned.