Saturday, November 1, 2008

How To Relieve Stress 101...

Well, it's been about a month since my last entry. That of course means it's time to type something. We have been so busy moving, entertaining family and organizing that I haven't had much time to breathe let alone blog. However, we do have everything organized and have gotten used to the fact that we will never have as much money in savings as we used to. Sigh! I would just like to take this opportunity to publicly thank all those kind-hearted (out of their mind) individuals who drove clear across town or state to help us move into our-for now-oversized house. We truly appreciate your efforts. You should all come again when I am less stressed and yelley...that means I yelled a lot. Never fear though...I have figured out that in those moments of stress and yelliness...all I have to do is blast a Journey CD, and I am instantly transformed (for the better).
Another alternative stress reliever was the first Halloween in our new home. Not only was this our first Halloween in our new home, but our first trick-or-treater opportunity. An opportunity that proved not so opportunistic. Why is that you say?...our door bell only rang twice. TWICE! We bought 2 huge bags of candy and only handed out 6/18ths of it. Oh well...stress reliever #3: eating lots of candy! I wanted to document our Halloween enthusiasm with a picture of us and our first trick-or-treater, but I thought that might ruin any opportunity of friendship with this new neighbor...oh, and scar the poor girl for life.
For those of you who have been asking to see pictures of the inside of our house...I'll get to that when I'm done with stress reliever #3...and lots of exercising.