Thursday, November 19, 2009

Say What?!!!!!?

If you will all just take a gander to the right side of the screen, you will note it says I still have over 2 weeks left to go. Not so bad...right? WRONG! Especially when your doctor just told you your baby is still face up (not down like she's supposed to be...she's already being rebellious)...and I'm only 3 cm dialated. Oh wait...there's more. Here's the kicker: she already weighs 9-10 lbs. WHAT?!? How could someone with my small frame grow a child that is a fatty? Again...I blame Reed, which my doc said I am totally justified in declaring. She also said that mama's size and diet has nothing to do with baby's size...which is why it's okay she's a tubby (at least I know I didn't contribute to her girth). She did make me feel better though by assuring me that fat babies are indeed cute--a phrase I have always cringed at and shoved in my bank of ludicrous thoughts--and when I see her and she looks like me, I will just fall in love with her. Didn't I already say I love my doctor? I'm glad she didn't just roll her eyes in disgust at my "I don't like fat babies" comment and exit stage right quickly. Anyway...I'm having a huge baby and that's that. Moving on...
I have passed all of my master's exams with flying colors (who ever came up with that phrase...honestly?) and will graduate December 17th unless I have spontaneously combusted by that point. Thanks for caring.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


This Halloween was much more of a success than last year. That's right...the door bell rang 7 times this year, instead of the disappointing 2 last year. And...sometimes I would open the door and 4 or 5 creatures would be standing there yelling at me. Ah...such fun. I love Halloween. I actually got rid of almost all of our candy. Yes, we had scaled back a bit on the sweets based on last year's stats, but we still had a big bowl prepared with nothing left now but tootsie rolls and a lone mini-twix bar. Hmmm...guess I'll have to eat that. I may decide to be nice and hand those left-overs out to my primary kids. They really could use the energy. NOT!
Here is my costume I wore for Halloween 2009. I only wore it to work and everyone thought it was brilliant. Too bad I couldn't take any credit for it. It was all Reed's idea. I thought it was pretty funny myself... ya can't guess what I am.