Friday, March 27, 2009

"Friendly Reminder"

If you will all just take a moment to scroll down to my previous post regarding our growth. I thought it was pretty amazing. Well...the HOA did not agree. We received a letter in the mail today about this disagreement with the unsightly growth occurring in our front and side yards. Excuse me, but how can one of God's creations be unsightly. Reed and I were actually encouraging their progress and are very proud of how far they've come. The HOA needs to spend a little more time appreciating nature in action. Despite our valiant efforts to nurture our growth, the weeds in the yard have to go. We have until April 9th. Which means...we'll wait until April 9th before we let our creations meet their demise. Here are pictures to remember them by...

Side Yard

Front Yard

Oh, and I have finally taken the time to photograph the inside of our new house...which is actually almost a year old already! Disfrute!

The Loft (upstairs)

Upstairs hallway

Entry to our bedroom (double doors) grand!

Our bedroom. Oops...forgot to make the bed. Oh, who am I kidding...nobody really makes their bed anymore.

laundry room...upstairs...oh yeah!

Entry room

hallway to kitchen downstairs

Kitchen/dining area

Living room

Just Kitchen

Sunday, March 8, 2009

What're They Up To???

Reed is really getting into his work...We're making a lot of growth... Reed just went out to water this one. It needs a little encouragement.

I have this recent infatuation with using the word "SWEET" as often as I can...Sorry. No Picture.