Saturday, February 13, 2010

Photo Shoot!

Friends of ours from church were angels enough to take pictures of our new little family...for FREE! I am so grateful fo this awesome act of kindness. The pictures turned out professional and beautiful. I have been showing them off to everyone who stops by. Yes, my baby is naked in most of them, and she peed and pooped on me in the process, but all newborn pictures are naked ones and the result is inevitable defecation. Right? I love these pictures and cannot wait till we are not destitute to have them blown up and strewn across our walls!
Photo shoot aside, Reed has been gone for a week on another one of his field jobs. I have been totally alone for an entire week. I have had much appreciated help here and there, but have had sole responsibility of a newborn for 6 days. I wanted to prove to myself that I could successfully do it alone and did so the first night. That was all I could handle. Thanks to my mother-in-law and friend Sandra for keeping me company the next 3 nights. I felt so vulnerable being alone in this big house with a 2 month-old. I did go shopping one rainy day though to break the monotony and just to get out of the house and take up time. That made me feel better. Even if the "greeter" lady basically told me my baby was fat. "Does she get her big cheeks from Mom or Dad?" What!?! See ya later lady. I would tell her not to quit her day job if that probably was not in fact her day job. Reed comes home today though providing the equipment they are using does not run out of batteries again. Argh! It was nice though to spend a whole week admiring my baby and all her special qualities. She is so amazing!
Well, enjoy these pictures. I sure do!