Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Time is Here

Well, the coughing/gagging has subsided, the decorations are mostly completed, school is OVER,...vacationing can now commence! Reed and I (and when I say Reed and I, I mean Reed) have been working hard trimming the tree and rigging up the lights in a lame attempt to add some holiday cheer to our new home. We don't have enough decorations to satisfy even Mr. Scrooge, but our tree looks great, and I feel better knowing that we should hopefully have enough time and money next Christmas to create a winter wonderland that the Grinch can't even shake a stick at.
Tree # 6 in the life of Reed and Jennifer Seamons...
Above is our Christmas ornament of choice for 2008. Our first house! It's actually the first meaningful ornament that has ever graced our tree, besides the ones my mom gave me that commemorated my years growing up.

The piano I am supposed to play more often. Is that a cobweb over there on the left??

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Cheer!

I like to post pictures with each of my blog entries, but this one is about the past few weeks, which pretty much consist of me coughing so hard I nearly gagged, and stressful attempts to close out yet another grooling semester at the UofA with good grades. Therefore, there will be no pictures documenting that holiday cheer! You can thank me later. Re good grades: Reed and I both get a big fat check mark in that department. Wahoo!! Stay tuned for more...about Christmas, not gagging.

Turkey Time!!!

I know this is soooo late, but I now have the pictures I need to document our Thanksgiving frolics. We had our first Thanksgiving in our first real home, (the apartment being some sort of edifice to get our feet wet) and cooked our first turkey. It turned out perfectly. I was so proud. We had Reed's family over and they completed our feast by supplying all the side dishes to compliment our beast. Hey...a rhyme! I know it's a fowl, not a beast, but then I couldn't make my rhyme.

The next night, we had my family over and cooked another holiday bird. It of course turned
out perfectly too. Best not cook another turkey again lest it tastes horrible...or we burn down the house. Either scenario would ruin the good memory I have in my head of our beautiful birds.

Turkey-talk aside, we all had a great time, and I can't wait for Christmas...which is in less than a week in lou of this procrastination blog.

Ain't he handsome?! The guy with the knife
is pretty hot too!!