Sunday, May 23, 2010

Not My Little Sister Anymore...

My sister, Natalie, graduated from Highschool last Tuesday. I can't believe she is already done and ready for the big world. I am really proud of her. I got teary-eyed as she walked across the stage to get her diploma. She has worked hard for this and she deserves it. She was very involved in school, got good grades, had lots of friends and really applied herself. She has turned into quite a mature, sophisticated lady. I remember graduating from highschool when she was only 7 years old, and now it was her turn. Way to go Natalie!!

A graduate hopeful...atta girl!

She is the love of my life.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day #1!!!

I finally get a Mother's Day for ME!!! I'm so excited. Reed made me a drawing of a precious picture of Anaya and me. I can't wait to frame it and put it up. He is so talented. I also got 2 snickers bars...that's right...2, and cookie dough bites. Then Anaya interrupted me upstairs whilst making up my face for church to present me with this...

Also, we went as a family to Texas Roadhouse for some good ol' fashioned country cookin' the Friday before. Mmmm-mmmm.

A pretty good 1st Mother's Day indeed. Thanks Babe!

Happy Mother's day to you Mom and to you Jeani. You both are such good support systems for our family. Thanks for all you do. We love you both!!